Get Me There card launches on Metrolink

The Manchester smart card “Get Me There” today extended to now work on the Metrolink network, meaning users with a Get Me There card can pre-purchase tickets.

Users can order a card via and also view there account online and pre-purchase tickets for use on Metrolink or Metrolink and bus. Tickets for buses only cannot yet be purchased online.

You purchase your ticket online via the website, then when you access the Metrolink network touch your pass onto the yellow readers, previously used by ENCTS pass holders to load your ticket on.

Metrolink ticket inspectors have been supplied with phones with technology to allow them to check Get Me There passes and ENCTS cards.

Get Me There users have to touch in and touch out when they start and complete their journeys, much like TfGM free pass holders do, failure to do so can lead to the standard fare been payable.

The following tickets can be purchased via the Get Me There site for Metrolink use, for full details of what you can get on YOUR Get Me There card log into your online account where you can also purchase your tickets for Metrolink or Tram and Bus ONLY

Station to Station
– Single
– Peak return
– Off Peak return
– 7 Day
– 28 Day
– Annual

All stops ticket
– Peak day
– Off peak day
– Weekender

Bus and Metrolink
– 7 day
– 28 day

Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester’s Metro Mayor said

“The expansion of get me there will certainly help make travel easier and, for the first time, enable people across Greater Manchester to hop on and off trams and buses with their smartcard.”

“Significantly, the 16 – 18 card will see the cost of a bus day ticket cut in half – reducing the cost of journeys and enabling our young people to more easily access work and leisure opportunities, training, education and skills.”

“All this can only be good news and will, I hope, encourage more people than ever before to get on board with public transport, which will help to tackle congestion and air quality issues.”


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