Metrolink ticket machines stop accepting old £1

Manchester Metrolink ticket vending machines have stopped accepting the old round pound coins from last Monday (7/8/17).

The machines have started to be updated to only accept the new 12 sided £1 coins meaning machines across the network will no longer accept the old style round pound coin.

Some people aren’t happy about this as they are seeing it as them not accepting legal tender in ticket machines, but due to the narrow scope of what legal tender means they aren’t required to accept the coin at all.

The Royal Mint state Legal Tender as been

Legal tender has a very narrow and technical meaning in the settlement of debts. It means that a debtor cannot successfully be sued for non-payment if he pays into court in legal tender. It does not mean that any ordinary transaction has to take place in legal tender or only within the amount denominated by the legislation. Both parties are free to agree to accept any form of payment whether legal tender or otherwise according to their wishes. In order to comply with the very strict rules governing an actual legal tender it is necessary, for example, actually to offer the exact amount due because no change can be demanded.

So for now you will have to make sure you have new style pound coins ready to buy your ticket, or why not try Get Me There smart card or phone app to purchase your ticket before you get to the platform.

If you need help then contact Metrolink on Twitter @MCRMetrolink or phone customer services on 0161-205-2000


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